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"Apollinaire Theatre Company reaffirms its reputation

the home of the area’s most provocative
contemporary theater

‘Detroit’ in good hands at
Apollinaire Theatre

-Boston Globe

"Director Danielle Fauteux Jacques...is really on her game here... This is an almost
perfectly measured
ensemble performance
complete with one or two challenging elements of staging, which Jacques and company pull off niftily."

Lisa D'Amour,
Detroit playwright,
in the NY Times

Ms. D’Amour — thoughtful, unguarded, seemingly most at home in her cowboy boots — has long shimmied across cultural fault lines. “Most often I feel like two different Lisas living in parallel performance worlds,” she said.

The connecting thread is work about people and issues that don’t normally get a dramatic spotlight.

“One of the great strengths is her ear,” said Martha Lavey, artistic director of Steppenwolf. “She’s bearing witness, and I think she does it without judgment, and in a way that’s poetic and compassionate."




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